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The seasonless and 90% genderless policy of FOXYLAB NY that reads in our occasional unisex collaborations with artists, motivated us to also launch the timeless line of basics, featuring the simple hoodies, pullovers, t-shirts, polo shirts, dresses, and skirts. These lifetime classics blur the lines between luxury mainstream fashion and utilitarian streetwear, and serve as day-to-day comfort looks that, regardless of plainness, conserve the chic appeal.

FXLB Classics is about convenient fashion and a sense of preparedness for any occasion during the day, whether you put it on with a formal attire or for an informal nighttime rendezvous. Thanks to our streetstyle nature, FXLB Classics line does not forget functionality, that’s why all pieces can be styled and layered by individual preference.

With FXLB Classics we tend to manifest that streetwear is a lifestyle, that’s why this line is the most practical, and independent in regards of emerging fashion trends or even weather. The items are easy to invest in, moreover, they can be effortlessly mixed and matched with any brands or styles, and therefore let you make them reflect your own interests. This is what classics mean to us, to make them work for you, without limits.

The newest addition to FXLB Classics is a made-to-measure black taffeta dress. It combines the carelessness, picked up right from the New York City streets, and a desire to always be a little extra, a strong characteristic of the style of New Yorkers. Taking in consideration that athleisure outpaced other categories of apparel mostly dew to the global pandemic, we wanted to remind fashion lovers to dress up purely for the sake of dressing up, and that it’s okay to be a little extra. The dress utters our approach of being brave, adventurous, stylish, and unapologetic, combining all our greatest values just in a single silhouette, that’s why it has become a centermost piece of FLXB Classics, essentially bold and edgy.

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