Mariano Fortuny and his Knossos Scarf (Vogue Magazine, 1912)

Marguerite O’Kane, a genuine enthusiast of the Arts and Crafts Movement, enjoyed the unique distinction of writing the first review for American VOGUE covering the work of Mariano Fortuny (Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo: 1871 – 1949). Although celebrated in Europe since making his first gown in 1906, the Knossos Scarf, a long sheer silk rectangle inspired by the costumes of ancient Crete, he was unknown to most fashion-minded Americans until the closing weeks of 1912.

I don’t think we can ever say out with the Old and in with the New when it comes to Fashion! This simply put is due to the fact that so much of today’s Fashion trends have literately come “full circle¬†and for example, dark-blue jeans are once again the height of style”

Furthermore, we learn so much about ourselves and our passion from the industry trendsetters of the past such as Mariano Fortuny who himself based his entire brand on costumes from ancient Crete, he was inspired by something Old and he brought that specific style or dare I say vintage Crete brand full circle in a way by breathing new life into it.

Cherish the past by learning from it. The dreams that were dreamed and the journey that leads to the realization of those dreams!

The birth of Icons and the creation of brands that still stand today.

So, in summary, we will not get rid of the Old because the New is in many ways a regimentation of the Old.

History is who we are and why we are the way we are. David McCullough

You are entitled to choose the expression of your individual power. Do so boldly.