With 2018 in the rear-view mirror we can focus our full and undivided attention on that which is in front of us.

I stumbled upon an article by Lindsey Stammen in which she wrote about “the four trends impacting the global fashion industry in 2018”

The trends that impacted the global fashion industry were: staying competitive in an uniquely crowded market, delivering a seamless experience across all consumer touch-points, fostering brand loyalty with customers who have infinite choices and investing in and delivering on personalization promises.

So how will we stay competitive in an uniquely crowded market? We will keep our focus and direction on our target audience. Our brand is designed with the Millennials in mind and a strong focus on the street culture.

We will endeavour to cultivate a strong connection with the Hip-Hop culture and formulate unification with rappers, skaters and hipsters.

We will stay committed to our clients and their overall experience. The aim of our design is to achieve a state of perpetual relaxation and comfort while staying stylish.

The brand was founded on the essence of the life journey of our founder and we will always stay true to ourselves and our main goals which form the cornerstone of our brand.

These are;

Live as boldly as your imagination allows you to, don’t judge others lest you be judged yourself, always stay true to yourself and live in the moment.

We believe that this will identify and resonate with our target audience and our brand identity which in turn will culminate into a culture of its own.

We look forward to the challenge of vesting ourselves in an industry that is as old, traditional, global, crowded and difficult as the fashion industry undoubtedly is.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” Oscar Wild