Foxylab New York is a creative laboratory that merges art and fashion. We are ARTWEAR clothing brand and the community MAGAZINE that serves as a go to source for inspiration and discovery of world creative talents.

In our world fashion and art don’t exist separately, they have to be together. We provide artists with our clothing as a canvas for creativity. Every artwear piece has a name, a number, and an artist’s signature, just like any piece of art. We don’t use art just to decorate our stuff, we find artists whose style and philosophy reflect global issues and themes we want to highlight and discuss. Our goal is to make artwear a new form of clothing. For us, “artwear” is more than just a form of clothing – it’s a 360-degree lifestyle that celebrates free expression.

Our collections are produced in collaboration with artists are released in limited edition drops. The urban aesthetic of the brand is shown through relaxed and oversized silhouettes, that also reflect the street culture attitude. All pieces are gender-fluid.

Besides being an online shopping platform, FXLB is a multifunctional multimedia hub fulfilled with interviews with industry talents, expert articles and talent features, as well as video interviews available via YouTube channel. All the content is sourced and created by the brand’s in-house journalists and production team.

Eternal Beauty

Our special permanent line Eternal Beauty is focused on upcycling vintage garments that we use for tailoring the two-piece dresses, in which the bottom part is vintage and the top is from our classics collection. This conscious program not only contributes to sustainable development, but also helps to craft one-of-a-kind pieces, on a juncture of traditional and innovative approach.


EENK was created by designer Hyemee Lee, beloved for her boldness and passion which crosses from fashion to art to lifestyle.

Meet and talk to a live legend, someone who impresses by her modernity and experience at the same time has been a great privilege and honour for our team.

Makwande Art Residency and former French president advisor Nomaza Nongqunga Coupez promotes cross-cultural education…