From the Founder

Hi, I am Foxy. I can’t reveal all the details of my past; I’ll let your imagination paint the picture. I’ve made my way from rural Russia to New York in search of something more, and used to be a “double agent” of sorts. Not in the way of espionage but in that I lived what seems like two lives; the mysterious nightlife of a dancer, and the common path at my “regular” jobs.

Many look down at those of us who have danced for a living. But I have been lucky to meet many intelligent and sincere women along the way.

It has been a journey to find my true calling. FoxyLab is a merger of my passion for fashion, my love for men and my desire to empower both men and women. I want you to embrace yourself and pursue every opportunity that life throws your way. Everyone’s path is different and everyone is empowered to walk that path fearlessly.


About The Brand

Our clothing distinguishes itself with a silhouette of a powerful female body.

This unconventional branding serves as a reminder for both men and women alike to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams. Everyone has their license to choose an individual path to success. Our founder took courageous steps to arrive at her chosen destination – the same courage that everyone has within.

You are entitled to choose the expression of your individual power. Do so boldly.