Oxana De Castro founded FOXYLAB NY after a transformative trip to New York City, where she was captivated by the vibrant energy and a sense of freedom. This experience led her to make a life-changing decision: to make New York her home.

Hailing from a small town in Russia, Oxana graduated from Baruch College, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in business. Her early career primarily revolved around the business world, with a focus on companies operating in construction and real estate.

However, from the very beginning, Oxana’s true passion was rooted in the world of fashion, a passion that her friends and colleagues often encouraged her to pursue over construction.

While the seed of her fashion dream was always present, Oxana initially chose a path of career stability. Later, she departed from the industry she knew and embarked on a journey to explore the world, visiting various manufacturing companies, learning about fabrics, clothing production, and the process of creating a collection.

Oхana won a festival for Slavic designers in Paris and received a business course at Esmod, a renowned fashion school. Spending several transformative months in Paris immersed in the worlds of art and fashion, Oxana reignited her inspiration. Upon returning to New York, she conceptualized the idea that would become her new venture: FOXYLAB NY. This endeavor seamlessly merged her two greatest passions — art and fashion.
time between New York and Florida, and she frequently visits Paris, where part of the FOXYLAB team is located.


FOXYLAB NEW YORK has a clear purpose: to support emerging artists unafraid to express themselves and eager to view the world from different angles while creating high-quality and environmentally sustainable products. Her initial work involved creating a small, intimate collection, collaboratively curated with local artists and handcrafted within their studios.

Subsequently, Oxana introduced the “Eternal Beauty” dresses, which blended elements of beloved garments with new textiles. Later, she transitioned FOXYLAB to produce larger yet limited releases from a manufacturing facility in Tunisia.

With a vibrant community of artists surrounding her, Oxana engaged in additional creative pursuits. She launched a digital magazine and later a YouTube channel, both of which have become integral parts of the FOXYLAB brand and an important aspect of the current FOXYLAB platform.

Beyond her involvement in the fashion industry, Oxana is an entrepreneur and a partner in a French bakery cafe, with ambitious plans to expand it into a franchise. Currently, Oxana divides her time between New York and Florida, and she frequently visits Paris, where part of the FOXYLAB team is located.

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