The 2023 edition of Art Miami, a premier event for contemporary and modern art, and its sister fair, CONTEXT Art Miami, concluded with a flourish on December 13, 2023. This marked the 33rd year for Art Miami and the 11th for CONTEXT Art Miami, both held from December 5th to 10th. The fairs, known for showcasing a wide array of significant artworks, attracted high-value sales and a prestigious audience of art collectors, experts, advisors, and museum professionals.

Art Miami, the City’s original and longest running contemporary and modern art fair had its impressive 2023 roster of participating galleries from cities across the globe like London, Toyko, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Venice, Hong Kong, and from around the United States like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco in addition to numerous galleries from Miami and the Southern Florida region.

The VIP Preview on December 5th, benefiting Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) for the 12th consecutive year, was a resounding success. Art Miami contributed over $350,000 in support of PAMM’s mission. Esteemed attendees included PAMM Director Franklin Sirmans, renowned curators, actors, producers, musicians, artists, business leaders, and philanthropists.

Over 240 exhibitors from 31 countries participated, presenting the works of more than 900 artists. The fair highlighted diverse creators, including women and artists from LATAM and AAPI communities, and featured pieces addressing critical issues like human rights and war, with a special tribute to the late Botero.

Significant sales were reported, with works by artists such as Fernando Botero, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and others achieving notable transactions. PNC Private Bank, the fair’s sponsor, played a pivotal role, with Carole Brown from PNC Asset Management Group expressing pride in their association with the event.

Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami, part of Miami Art Week, offered a platform for both established and emerging artists, featuring over 240 galleries from various countries. Informa Markets, the organizer, is known for creating dynamic market platforms globally. More information about Informa Markets can be found at their official website.

The Human Cell Atlas Project

The Human Cell Atlas Project is an ambitious endeavor aimed at creating a comprehensive map of all human cells, drawing on the expertise of numerous international scientists from diverse fields. This project involves generating artistic visualizations based on data gathered from various studies, utilizing single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) data from different tissues. RNA sequencing is an advanced method that provides in-depth insights into the genome by analyzing RNA molecules in a sample quantitatively. The initial steps in our analysis involve preprocessing and normalizing the scRNA-seq data, leading to a dataset representing a hundred-dimensional space.

To make this complex data comprehensible and visually appealing, we employed Auto Encoders and PCA (Principal Component Analysis) to translate the data into a format perceivable by the human eye. Auto Encoders, a machine learning approach, excel in condensing higher-dimensional data into more manageable lower dimensions. Once the data was reduced to three dimensions, we used the tSNE (t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding) algorithm to reveal hidden clusters within the data.

Ouchhh studio, a forerunner in the realm of data-driven art, AI, and machine intelligence, adopts a mind-driven methodology to explore innovative technological avenues. Our vision encompasses a fascination with the secret codes of cosmic, multidimensional hybrid universes shaped by AI, transcending physical and architectural limits. Our aspiration is to create a futuristic perspective that reflects a myriad of contexts and experiences, harnessing the power of AI to redefine the boundaries of art and technology.

"Spaceman Shine" by Filippo Tincolini

Liquid Art System introduces “Spaceman Shine” by Filippo Tincolini, a vibrant pop-art interpretation of one of his most significant sculptures. Tincolini’s original marble creation stands as a testament to his artistic journey, where he explores the intricate connection between creativity and technology, as well as the interplay between nature and progress.

“Spaceman Shine” embodies the essence of transformation, adventure, and the mysteries of the unknown, all while being closely intertwined with Nature, depicted as the enduring, unshakeable force in life.

Among his contemporaries, Filippo Tincolini is renowned for his visionary approach. His works often suggest a futuristic fusion where nature and science meld together in a strikingly imaginative manner. The spaceman sculpture, in particular, with its Candy Fuchsia chrome finish, heralds a new pop era, symbolizing the evolving dynamics between humanity and Nature. This piece not only showcases Tincolini’s artistic prowess but also reflects a deeper narrative on the relationship between humans and the natural world

"Chocó" by Kike Arnal

Nicolas Auvray Gallery is currently exhibiting “Chocó” by Kike Arnal, a compelling portrait series of Afro-Colombians from Colombia’s isolated and resource-rich Chocó region. These images, taken between 2009 and 2012, reflect the enduring legacy of communities whose ancestors were brought as slaves to work in gold mines, a practice that continues in traditional forms today.

Kike Arnal, a distinguished photographer and filmmaker, has showcased his work globally, including in The New York Times and National Geographic, and has held solo exhibits at the United Nations. His documentaries and photographic essays span diverse subjects, from social disparities in Washington D.C. to indigenous rituals in Mexico and transgender culture in Mexico City. Arnal’s work, recognized for its depth and empathy, appeals to a wide range of audiences, including commercial clients and international organizations like the United Nations.

"Beyond Performance" by Tiffany Trenda

Tiffany Trenda is a renowned artist known for integrating performance and technology over the past two decades. Her work, focusing on the phenomenology of the body and simulation, critically examines truth, identity, and representation.

In her project “Beyond Performance”, Trenda combines artificial intelligence, using the Midjourney AI application, with her performance archives to create digital-only performances. These performances challenge traditional views of the body in art, blurring the lines between reality and fiction and exploring identity in simulated experiences.

Her series “Loss of Touch I and II” highlights AI’s difficulty in depicting human hands, symbolizing the impact of technology on the decline of handmade art and the diminishing human connection to tactile creation.

Trenda’s influence extends globally, with performances at renowned venues like The Broad Museum in Los Angeles, Art Center Nabi in South Korea, and events like ARS Electronica in Austria

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David Yarrow ”There Will Be Oil”

David Yarrow, born in Glasgow in 1966, started his photography career early, capturing a famous image of Diego Maradona at the 1986 World Cup Final. He later transitioned to wildlife photography, becoming one of the world’s top-selling photographers. His monochrome images are displayed in major galleries and museums globally.

Yarrow has published several books, including a 2019 release by Rizzoli with a foreword by Tom Brady and an afterword by Cindy Crawford, with all royalties going to conservation charities. His 2022 book, “Storytelling,” features over 130 recent images, and its profits support the UW Health Kids Cancer Care Charity. Yarrow’s work with Cindy Crawford has raised over $3 million for the charity.

“Walking in beuaty” by Coderch & Malavia

For his solo exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Eric Sanders introduced a novel approach by using large-scale silkscreen printing as a painting technique. This collection centered around his wife and muse, Anna Sanders, capturing her essence in a dynamic sequence across ten large canvases. Stretching over sixty feet, the series celebrated Anna’s athleticism, showcasing her strength and grace through a portrayal of her in motion, inspired by Eadweard Muybridge’s pioneering stop-motion photography.

During the creation process, Eric found inspiration in the silkscreen meshes used for transferring images onto canvas. These meshes, glowing in hues of hot pink or bright yellow, reminded him of color field painting. Their interaction with the photographic images of Anna and the abstract black paint residues from the printing process contributed to the aesthetic of the work. For his immersive installation, Sanders utilized these screens to vividly bring Anna’s motion to life on a grand scale.

In the exhibition space, twenty-five 50 x 70-inch screens were arranged in an S-curve formation, allowing visitors to wander among them and view the interplay of images from various angles. The transparent nature of the screens enabled the figures to overlap, creating a layered visual effect. The screens, alternating between pink and yellow, were mounted on custom welded structures for stability and upright display, enhancing the overall interactive experience of the installation.






December 16, 2023

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