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Forbes 30 under 30 Talia Zoref travels across the world with an aim to make it better with her art. Along the way, she has collaborated with the giants like Chanel, Fendi, MAC, Vogue magazines, Anna Wintour, NY Times, as well as the top models Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Irina Shayk, Naomi Campbell, and many more. Talia creates live art, capturing the whole process of fashion events, from the backstage to the podium. Her name was featured in many prestigious publications worldwide – Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Forbes, among others, and her bold watercolor drawings have become recognizable, standing out with color, energy, and passion.


TIED HEART is our collaboration with a celebrated fashion illustrator Talia Zoref based in Israel.

A metaphor of troubled creative mind has become central in the piece revealed in collaboration with FOXYLAB NY. The drawing symbolizes the tragedy of creative crisis caused by overwhelming with sources and colors, and freedom of creation locked up behind the bars of wandering mind. The saturated lively colors represent the presence of artistic potential that often-times gets lost within the saturation of seducing colors. But creativity can be simple, as an artist finds a thread to pull to complete an oeuvre. A name “TIED HEART” derives from a conjunction of the two aspects, freedom of creation versus pent overwhelmed talent.

FOXYLAB NY x Talia Zoref for historical issue of L’Officiel Arabia and Laisha

A partnership with Talia Zoref has also been carried out to a more exclusive level with Talia’s three neat hand-painted pieces, one of which was featured in historic issue of L’Officiel Arabia. The Middle Eastern publication broke all headline records, featuring an Israeli model on the cover for the first time – a 19-year old Yael Shelbia, the most beautiful face of 2020 by TC Candler, supermodel and actress. The cover story celebrated talents from the both countries, with a FOXYLAB NY x Talia Zoref’s hand-painted piece in the heart of the editorial. A midi-length black dress from Eternal Beauty line features a colorful portrait illustration intersecting with Talia’s main work for the collab, in the front, and New York skyline, on the back, paying tribute to the city, where the bold photoshoot was held, precisely Hotel Peninsula in midtown Manhattan. 

For the other hand-painted piece, Talia Zoref chose to portray Tel Aviv skyline, linking to another city that had a leading role in the ambitious initiative, in which fashion and politics went hand in hand. 

The third dress has also obtained a quintessential dynamic style of Talia by presenting a bigger-than-life face outlines highlighted by primary and secondary colors.

While Talia’s creation, focused on erasing political and cultural boundaries between art and fashion, therefore reflecting FOXYLAB’s persuasions, took a pedestal in L’Officiel Arabia, another piece, created with Diaa Allam, completed the same mission conversely, earning a feature in the Israeli top magazine Laisha. Since Abraham Accords Peace Agreement, Israel and UAE have not been culturally allied, and only now the two have come up to a peaceful exchange of national talents, celebrating one another in their co-related issues. 


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